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Crown and Nails is a contemporary Christian apparel and jewelry brand. It is a Christ centered brand where all the designs are created by inspiration from the Word of God. Each design, although modern and trendy all carry a powerful scriptural message.

Crown and Nails was birth out of my love and adoration for Jesus Christ and wanting to see Him exalted and honored throughout the world. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has radically transformed my life and I know that my healing and deliverance cost Jesus more than I could ever fully understand or imagine. Forever etched in my heart is that my freedom came at a heavy price.

“Jesus, I say thank you and just like you wore a crown of thorns and nails to set me free, I will always remember that heavy price you paid for me.”


At Crown and Nails, we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16) and boldly wear our faith and proclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

For every purchase you make a percentage of the proceeds will be used to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and carry out the great Commission.

I thank you for considering and supporting this brand and I pray that you enjoy your purchase as much as I enjoyed creating it. Remember to wear your faith boldly so others can see the light of Jesus shining through you.

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